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Premier Light Design Services in Markham, Canada l MSHENG
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Get The Best-In-Class Lighting Design Services In Markham, Canada

MSHeng takes pride in offering top-tier lighting design services across Markham, Canada. With a team of professionals, we prioritize delivering designs that illuminate spaces and enhance ambiance and functionality. We prioritize quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction in every project. We ensure that our clients get the exact design they want.

Contact us today to experience the efficiency and reliability of our lighting design services in Markham.

Architectural Lighting Design Services

Why MSHENG For Your Architectural Lighting Design Services in Markham, Canada?

We have been designing the dreams for over 15 years. Our designs are very efficient and cost-saving. From the most complex designs to the basic ones, we design everything. You name it, we design it! 

Our lead time is also minimal. Some consultants normally take 3-4 weeks, while we do it within a week. In short, “we guarantee the best quality at a fair price.”



The American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers is a global professional association.
MBR# 8355647

BCIN Number

The Building Code Act, requires that the designer for activities regulated under the act be qualified and registered with the ministry
BCIN# 112470

Building Code Act

The Ministry administers the Building Code Act and the Building Code, which govern the construction of new buildings and the renovation of existing buildings.


Ontario Building Code

OBC is a regulation under the Act that establishes detailed technical and administrative requirements and minimum standards for building construction.

Specialist Lighting Design for Every Sector in Markham, Canada

Our expertise covers diverse sectors, making us the go-to specialist for lighting design solutions in Markham, Canada.

Whether it’s residential, commercial, healthcare, hospitality, hotel, retail, restaurants, supermarkets, or industrial spaces, we understand the unique requirements of each sector. Our team crafts designs that harmonize with the environment, considering aesthetics, energy efficiency, and functionality. 

From concept to implementation, our specialists ensure that every project receives specialized attention and a bespoke lighting solution.

Trusted Partner for All Your Lighting Design Needs in Markham, Canada

From commercial to residential Lighting Design, we have the expertise and knowledge to deliver excellent solutions.

Our team of experienced design consultants works closely with you to provide efficient and effective Light Design Services in Markham that meet industry standards.


    24/7 Availability Get in Touch With Us Now

    We value accessibility and prompt service. Our commitment to our Markham clients extends beyond regular business hours. Our 24/7 availability means you can reach out to us anytime. Whether it’s an urgent inquiry, project discussion, or support needed our team is just a call or message away. 

    MSH Engineers is a privately owned company providing Engineering expertise in the HVAC sector and HVAC business disciplines.
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    Saad Haroon  —
    P.Eng LEED Associate


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